Theatre-at-Tusculum Announces Cast for “A Christmas Carol”

Hello Everyone,

What great talent this year, and how I wish I could cast all of you… PLEASE do not be discouraged if your name is not listed. You did a great job!

The first CAST & CREW call is very important! It is scheduled in the theatre, Tuesday, August 27th at 5:30 p.m. for schedules, scripts and costume measurements. Please call if you have any unavoidable conflicts.

Looking forward to lots of hard work, lots of fun, and a wonderful “Christmas Carol!”

Marilyn duBrisk

CAST LIST – “A Christmas Carol”

Narrators/Chorus: Angela Willis, Bill Herrick, Brandi Shelnutt, Wess duBrisk, Austen Herron, Jeff Klepper

Scrooge: Brian Ricker

Bob Cratchit: Parker Bunch

Fred, Scrooge’s Nephew: David Brannock

Fred’s Wife: Bonnie Parks

Her Sisters: Kaci Norton, DeAundra Bowker

Topper: Deaton Myers

Guests at Fred’s Party: Narrators/Chorus

Singing Boy: Caedmon Oakes

Jacob Marley’s Ghost: Tom Sizemore

The Spirit of Christmas Past: Michael Fernando

Two Portly Gentlemen: Michael Fillers, Wess duBrisk

Mrs. Cratchit: Eva Griffin

Peter Cratchit: Andrew Fisher (Understudy-Ben Hoeke)

Martha Cratchit: Mary Elizabeth Smith

Belinda Cratchit: Reagan Bunch

Three Small Cratchits: Hannah Kolb, Eli Berney, Baylah Close

Tiny Tim: Jackson Beddingfield

Boy Scrooge: Carter Del Sorbo

Young Scrooge: Brandon Moorman

The Spirit of Christmas Present: Michael Willis

Headmaster: Jeff Ward

Fan (Scrooge’s sister): Allison Craft

Mr. Fezziwig: Steve Isley

Mrs. Fezziwig: Ariel Davis

Three Miss Fezziwigs: Molly Harris, Ashleigh Murphy, Emma Murray

Three Young Men: Maxwell Reid, Dylan Pruitt, Deaton Myers

Dick Wilkins: Zachary Gass

Milkmaid: Grace Duer

Girl-Next-Door: Rebecca Williams

Cook: Jessica Masters

Florist: Margo Olmsted

Housemaid: Rachel Reed

Fiddler: Jean Bean

Belle: Kassandra Willis

Belle’s Children: Eliza Brown, Carlie Shipley, Xander Ellenburg

Belle’s Husband: Jeff Klepper

Lost Children: Angel Klepper, Amora Klepper

Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come: Paige Mengel

Businessmen: Wess duBrisk, Bill Herrick, Jeff Klepper, Zachary Gass

Important Ladies: Angela Willis, Brandi Shelnutt, Austen Herron

Boy on Christmas Day: Tate Brumit

Poulterer’s Man: Zach Gass

Old Joe: Will Maddux

Mrs. Dilber: Christy Hoeke

Charwoman: Sandy Nienaber

Undertaker’s Wife: Laura Dupler

Passersby: TBA

Senior Singers: Steve Isley, Bob Davis, Jessica Masters, Rachel Reed, Michael Fillers, Grace Duer, Christy Hoeke, Rebecca Williams, Andrew Fisher, Carol Susong, Jeff Ward, Beth Brimer, DeAundra Bowker, Kirsten Lawing, Margo Olmsted, Dylan Pruitt, Cherlanda Florival, Sandy Nienaber, Brandon Moorman

Junior Singers: Sarah Smith (#60), Claire Valk, Mattie Olmsted,  Mylee Doty, Emma Maddux, Jade Ward, Elijah Collins, Lillie Jones, Jorja Ward, Elliott Tucker, Olivia Graham, Carissa Hopson, Lydia Craft, Jasie Carter, Braylin Brown

Phantom Dancers: Lori Ann Sparks, Parke Brumit, Kim Berry

Sinbad: Colby Freeman

“Cupboard” Dancers: Ansley Inscore, Chloe Mabry, Migel Bobadilla, Lexie Humbert, Claire Hoeke, Mya Davis

Urchins: Dakota Goins, Jake Hartman, Reed McAmis, Aubrey Knop