On Monday, April 14, Arts Outreach will host open auditions for our performance group, GLAWPIGT, which is an acronym for Great Literature Alive, Well, & Playing In Greeneville, Tennessee. Auditions will take place at 5:30pm in the Annie Hogan Byrd Theatre on the Tusculum College campus and will be open to any students (rising 3rd through 8th grade for the 2014/15 school year) in the Greeneville/Greene County area.

GLAWPIGT was formed by Marilyn duBrisk, Tusculum College Arts Outreach Director, when she first arrived to the area in the mid-1980’s, to promote reading and to bring great literature to life through the performing arts. For nearly 30 years this program has trained young performers and has inspired generations of students, introducing them to the magic of literature, and the importance of reading. Our current GLAWPIGT group meets weekly on Mondays from 5:30pm to 6:30pm during the academic school year at the Annie Hogan Byrd Theatre at Tusculum College. We do not meet during the summer months while school is out of session. During this time the group is trained in basic presentation skills, as well as the development of essential tools needed for performance. These include; proper breathing technique, voice placement, stage movement, character development, and improvisation, which helps develop creativity. We also work with each member of the group on individual performance pieces which the students themselves have chosen, or that have been assigned by us for them to perform. The group then performs these memorized pieces during various events and workshops throughout the year.

In order to prepare for upcoming auditions, Arts Outreach will be conducting a free workshop on Sunday, March 30, from 2:00pm to 3:30pm at the Annie Hogan Byrd Theatre at Tusculum College. The workshop will showcase our current GLAWPIGT members, and students will work directly with our group on various exercises and techniques relating to basic performance skills. We will also take this time to explain more about the GLAWPIGT program, provide information about our upcoming auditions, and answer any questions. While this workshop is in preparation for our April 14 auditions, please know that anyone who is interested in learning more about basic presentation skills is welcome, and a commitment to attend the actual audition is not required.  This workshop will be open to ANY AND ALL students in the Greeneville/Greene County area.

If your child would like to attend the workshop, please make arrangements for them to be dropped off/picked up at the appropriate times. We encourage children to dress in comfortable clothing, and ask that they DO NOT WEAR FLIP-FLOPS.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Arts Outreach office at (423) 798-1620 or by e-mail at