First, congratulations to each and every one of you for a job well done! Bravo! We were extremely pleased with how many of you came to auditions and the amount of courage and talent each one of you showed. You should be tremendously proud of yourselves and we wish we could invite you all to join our GLAWPIGT group, as each of you would be a wonderful addition. Unfortunately, we were forced to narrow it down to 12 new members.

You each performed so well and with such enthusiasm that the audition committee had an extremely challenging task. After nearly two hours of deliberation the committee made their tough decision.

We would like to extend an invitation to join our GLAWPIGT group for the 2014/2015 school year to the following:

3 Calen Lewis
5 Maggie Hartman
6 Todd Wallin
7 Jackson Beddingfield
15 Autumn Crum
16 Kasi-Samantha Russell
17 Mylee Doty
18 Matyra “Mattie” Olmstead
20 Abbie Renner
21 Carter DelSorbo
27 Jade Ward
28 Jorja Ward

To those not selected; Please do not be upset or feel you did poorly! You made this decision most challenging.  You each performed exceptionally well, and should be exceedingly proud of how well you did!

We would like to encourage you to keep your chin up and to PLEASE continue to audition for our various productions and programs, as we will have more audition opportunities next season. You may find information about possible future auditions and the latest Arts Outreach news on our website, Again, bravo to each of you for being so brave and displaying so much talent!

To those selected; Congratulations! We look forward to having you join our group and are excited to work with you! You will be receiving an e-mail within the next few days providing more information, but please reply to this message and let us know, if for some reason you are unable to accept our invitation. Again, Congratulations!

Once again, thank you all for attending GLAWPIGT auditions! We look forward to hopefully seeing all of you in the future. If you have any questions or would like more information regarding GLAWPIGT or any of our other Arts Outreach programs you may contact us by calling 423-798-1620, by visiting our website or Facebook page (TC Arts Outreach), or by emailing or