5x10s Cast List Announcements

 Wayne and I would like to thank everyone for trying out.  It gave us a lot to look at and, of course, a lot of choices and options.  Many of you did wonderfully, but sadly we can only cast so many.
Hope to see you at the next auditions,
Frank Mengel

Spencer – Justin Reed
Corrine – Austen Herron

Gone Cold
Bayla – Sara Hendry
Helen – Paige Mengel
Boone – Carnes White

If It Looks Like a Duck
Jeff – Codie Fleming
Susanne – Britany Menken
Afif – Baltimore Spivery
Timothy – Joe Borden

Sacred Feet
Jones – Lulu McGeorge
Penny – Maggie Bernabei
Police – Carnes White

Sister – Danielle Threet
Brother – Allison Harris

** Scripts will be emailed sometime in the next day or two from Billy Jennings.